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THE SCHOOL - Outside

The school itself has a huge school yard in the back, a large hurling field and a few vegetable gardens.

Juniors, Seniors and 1st class students are in a different yard during school break and lunch. It is situated right beside the main school yard, just divided by a wooden fence. It has benches and tables and on the ground there are markings for games eg. hopping.


Carrig National School is a small rural school a few miles from Birr. It is situated in a small village, which meets every needs. A little shop offers the possibility of buying lunches and treats for the kids. A beautiful church gives the possibility for our students to have special mass celebrations. Furthermore Carrig Village has a Village Hall, which can be used for gatherings. At the back there is a large parking area, easy for parents to pick up and drop off their children.

  • Parking area
  • Village store
  • Petrol station
  • Church
  • Village Hall